Suzuki PH-20 Pipe Humming Diatonic Harmonica

Model: PH-20
Available key: C, C#, A, G, D, Am, Gm, and Dm
Tube: Chrome Plated
Combe: Black on Aluminium
Reeds: Phosphor Bronze
Size: 140 x 297 (mm)
Weight: 196g

Product Description

This chrome plated harmonica has a very innovative and original design. It is the only harp of its kind and has been constructed to allow easy ‘vibrato’. With this harmonica by closing the end of the extension tube (can be switched for Left Handed use), you will get a beautiful ‘vibrato’ effect the first time you try! It is available in 8 keys (C, C#, A, G, D, Am, Gm, and Dm).